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ŧ Impossible



Its impossible,
its impossible to love you
if you don let me know wat's ur feeling
its impossible, for me to give you what you need
if your always, hideing from me
I don know wat hurt u
I just, I wanna make it right
Cuz boy I sick n tired trying to read ur mind

Cuz its impossible
oh, baby its impossible
for me to love you... this way
its impossible
oh baby its impossible
if your making it this way
(if you keep treating me this way
over, and over.)

Impossible to make it easy
if your always trying to make it so damn hard
How can I, how can I, give you all my love baby
if your always, always putting up your guard
This is not a circus
don ya play me for a clown
how long can emotions keep on going up and down


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