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เพลงEverything I Do

Everything I Do

เพลง Everything I Do

Everything I Do

Everything I Do

Baby, no matter what I'm doin'
You know I'd rather be home with you
And honey, doin' all the things wit cha
All the things that you like to do
Like washin' your hair an' paintin' your nails
All the things that your ex-man wouldn't do
Baby no I can't wait to get home to you

That's why baby
Everything I do
You know I do it for you
Everything I say is true
We been together so long
All the crazy things that we been through

Baby you know everything I do
I do them for you
You don't hear me through
I said everything I do
I do them for you

Now baby
You know it gets so difficult
To get out of bed with you
To go to my nine to five
It's the only place I feel alive wit cha
And to know that you're somewhere waitin' for me
I know that you're more than enough for me
I can't wait baby 'cause I know what you got for me


What kind of fool would I be
If I didn't give my all to you
And tell me
Where would I be if I couldn't lay next to you
But if I know that you're down for me
Then I know that everything is alright
And by the time I get home to you
I'm gonna lay a blockbuster on you tonight


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Everything I Do

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